Our owner and boss babe Ryan built this company from the ground up thanks to social media, and truly recognizes the power of influencers!  We believe that women are supposed to be empower and uplift other women around them. 
 If you're a blogger or influencer and want to rep our brand while earning free product, apply today! We would love to hear from you! 
These are ladies with 500 or more followers on their socials! These can be everyday ladies, business owners and beauty/fashion bloggers. Affiliates share, tag and promote T+F products on their own social media platforms. As an affiliate you will receive a 30% discount on any product you order for yourself, as well as a coupon code for your followers. We offer 10 new affiliate spots a month.                                    
These are influencers,  bloggers and boss babes with 10k or more followers on Instagram and a very strong  social media presence. These ladies have a strong following of everyday ladies and genuine interaction. As a T+F Brand Ambassador you are the face of the company and promote the brand with high quality images, posts, tags and mentions in stories. Brand ambassadors receive complimentary product, chances to be featured on our social media platforms, an opportunity to have a Signature Series T+F Jewelry piece named after them,  as well as a coupon code to share with their followers. 
Shoot us an email to sales@teenieandfrey.com with the following:
1. Your name, email and address.
2. Social media handles
2. Why you think you are the perfect fit for our brand!
 We receive tons of emails every month of girls wanting to be a brand rep. We are looking for girls with interactive followings that have a positive presence on social media and have consistent, high quality images of themselves on their Instagram account.  
Who is not a good fit?
If you're not a big jewelry wearer, if your Instagram doesn't seem active or does't show consistent, quality  images of yourself, or your following is mainly other lifestyle/fashion/beauty bloggers you may not be chosen. Not everyone will be a good fit for our company BUT that does't mean you aren't fabulous!
((If you ARE chosen you will hear from us with in 48 hours of reaching out. We select 5-10 new affiliates/reps each month. ))