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Downloading/Using Your Presets

HEY BABE!!! I am so excited for you to download and start using your new WildChild Mobile Presets!!! Here are your step by step instructions on how to download and use your new gorgeous presets!





Open your email from us (or click the download button at the check out page if you are on your phone) and click the download link. 



The link will bring you to the website with the Download Now button. You will click that. 



Your phone will now ask you if you want to download the DNG file you purchased. Click the blue download button. 



At the top right of the screen you will see a blue circle with an arrow, you will click that to begin the download. Tap it again to see the download. Click the name of the preset you purchased


You will now see a drop down menu. You will select "Save Image". This will save a DNG image to your camera roll. (This will show up as a black image) 



You will now open your Lightroom mobile app and upload the DNG image Lightroom catalog. Once you have it uploaded you can do the following to save the DNG file your purchased as a preset

open the image > click the 3 dots at the top right > click "create preset" > enter the preset name > click the arrow at the top right. 




You will find that a lot of our presets do not require much tweaking! This is on purpose, we tried really hard to make them as user friendly and ready to go as possible. Once you have your image uploaded into Lightroom and you're ready to edit you will click on the "Presets" tab on the bottom right of the task bar 

The preset will now be applied to your photo!



You may find that once you have the preset applied that you may need to do some tweaks. Typically this will be one of two things. "Light" or "Color". 


If you find the image seems too bright or too dark , you will click the "Light" tab and adjust the EXPOSURE slider to get the brightness right where you want it. You can also mess around with the CONTRAST, and SHADOW as well


If you find that the image is too warm and orangey or too cool and blue, you can quickly adjust this under the "color" tab. Once there you can adjust the color with the "temp" slider until it is right where you want it. 




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